Transport Organisation

The basic documents in the logistics information system are the position folder and the groupage. The position folder connects all the documents of an individual logistics service; the groupage on the other hand connects all the consolidated shipments in a particular transport or logistics service.

Main features:

  • custom entry

  • numbering

  • integration with other software modules, so that the data contained in one module can be easily transferred and used in other modules

  • integrated code lists

  • automatic updating of all code lists

Transport Organisation

Position Folder

Position Folder is a document describing a logistics service for a particular company: company name, description of goods, contract number, date, value in currency, consignor... The key information is the position number. Whenever we need all of the above mentioned information related to a company (e.g. in an invoice), we just refer to the position number containing all of the necessary data, which we do not have to re-enter again. In this way, the documents are interconnected through a position number - just as in practice: all documents relating to a position are inserted in a common "position folder".

The Groupage module is used to manage consolidated shipments.