ICS-Entry Summary Declaration upon entry into the EU

The UK is set to remain in the Common Transit Convention (CTC) after Brexit, ensuring simplified cross-border trade for UK businesses exporting their goods.

The CTC is used for moving goods between the EU member states, the EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) as well as Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

Given the fact that the United Kingdom will remain in Common Transit Convention after Brexit,  will the most of trucking companies:

  • complete the UK export procedure with transit procedure (NCTS) in the UK and proceed only with transit procedure to the customs office of destination (EU, Serbia, Turkey ..) or
  • started the transit procedure in the EU external border (most of them in France).

Safety/security customs procedures for imports

Each shipment must be security announced before entering the EU.

One of the measures affecting all modes of transport was the introduction of the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS). Hauliers have to provide advance cargo information for shipments into the EU through the lodging of an electronic declaration. This requirement entered into force on 1 January 2011. For the lodgement and processing of the ENS an IT system, the ICS (Import Control System) was implemented.

The ENS should be lodged electronically in the Import Control System (ICS) at the customs office of first entry.

The ICS procedure (ENS transmission) is obligatory for carriers either they take the ferry or the channel to cross the borders.

We should be careful not to mix between a customs declarations (NCTS/transit, AIS/import) and the Import control System which is handled by the french customs but not a customs declaration, it’s related to safety and security.

ENS is obligatory to all goods transiting or arriving to the french soil from UK.

The time-limit for lodging an ENS depends on the means of transport. Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) has to be sent to french customs for combined transport:

* Road/Sea/Road : At least 2 hours before arrival of the ferry

* Road/Tunnel/Road : At least 1 hour before arrival of the rail shuttle in Calais

We would like to inform future users that, in cooperation with Akanea France, we have developed a software solution that enables the submission of an ENS (entry summary declaration) to the french ICS system.

Given the fact that French customs will require an electronic safety declaration before the vehicle arrives on French (EU) territory, we recommended to all transport companies to implement the appropriate software for security declarations.

Although it may be lodged by another person on behalf of the carrier, the carrier remains responsible for the lodgement of the ENS.

If you are interested in the ICS / France solution, we kindy ask you to send us an inquiry to the e-mail address
The new functionality is included in the TLM ICS module and in a web application Transbook.

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